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3D Mechanical Design

Any machinery can be made, customized and adapted on request. The design and construction of each machine is implemented using modern 3D design software.


Fast after sales service, effective and performed by specialized technicians. Here you can find spare parts always available in stock and ready in a few days for shipping.

Constant Development

The company is constantly developing, with innovative and reliable products. Raw materials and quality products coming from companies consolidated in the market, allow us to deliver high-quality level of machines.

Exhibition Participation

Participating in the most important national and international exhibitions allows the company to be known both inside and outside the national borders,contributing to the great Italian craftsmanship.

Agri World

agri world chi siamo

Established in the 1980s Agri World is located in Altamura (Bari) and started its activities producing agricultural machinery such as stones crushers for land clearing. In the following years the company expanded its activities also in the manufacturing of forestry, construction and recycling machinery. 

Over the years perseverance and resourcefulness have allowed the company to steadily develop by introducing new, innovative and multi-purpose products on the market. By participating in major national and international shows Agri World has become a well-known name both within the country and internationally thus contributing in promoting high quality Italian craftsmanship.

The company’s main objective and strong point is being able to answer its customers’ many requirements starting from a basic model and customizing it to cover any demand. Agri World’s key word is Flexibility. By not having a production/assembly line for standard parts or a complete “in house” production the manufacturing cycle becomes faster. 

All tools and machines can be manufactured, customized and adapted to customers’ requirements. The design and production of each machine is carried out with 3D cutting edge design software.

After-sale service is fast, efficient and carried out by specialized technical staff.

Agri World srl is a metalworking and mechanical engineering company designing and manufacturing agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery.


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