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Disk Digger

Disk Digger

Disk diggers are used to make channels or furrows in any type of ground, even when rocks are present. The main operations carried out using SCD machines are channels for irrigation systems, electric cables, drainage, poles for vineyards and orchards, tree-planting etc. Working depth depends on the model. SCD machines require a tractor with creep gear or VARIO change gear. They feature a rotor with interchangeable peaks with Widia points. It is equipped with a chain transmission.


– 3 point universal joint
– central cardan shaft
– strengthened disk digger
– single side chain trasmission in oil bath, patented A.W.T.*
– strengthened tools holder A.W.T.*
– A.W.T.* double seal 22 peaks
– A.W.T.* 25 peaks
– A.W.T.* double seal 30/38 peaks
– reinforce bearing and high seal bearing brackets A.W.T.*.
– consumable and load-bearing parts of the machine made of high resistence steels, Hardox
– skids for working depth adjustment

Safety protection CE

*A.W.T. ( Agri World Technologies ): study and innovation with advanced CAD system to get always a better productivity and longer life of the machine.


Peaks with optimal disposition for a high quality crushing.


Peak in tungsten carbide interchangeable.


CHAIN TRANSMISSION: it is a lateral transmission in oil bath with automatic chain tensioner and high quality and resistance chains, which stands out for its lightness and low maintenance, ensuring great performance up to high power.


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