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Stones Crusher

Stones Crusher

The stones crushers with tools are designed to crush clods and all kinds of stones on all agricultural land (vineyards, orchards, vegetable gardens, preparation of the soil for reforestation, clearing undergrowth, etc.) without preliminary works.
Thanks to their strong structure, stone crushers are suitable for rocky land and can be used all year round, even on moist ground. They can work in any season, even on wet ground. Working depth depends on the model. FTS machines require a tractor with creep gear or VARIO change gear. They feature a rotor with interchangeable tools with Widia point. Depending on the model, machines have a belts, chains or gears drive.


– 3 point universal joint
– single speed trasmission group of 1000 rpm for power higher then 100 HP
– strengthened rotor
– double side “high performance” belts trasmission
– double side chain trasmission or double side gear trasmission in oil bath A.W.T.*
– quick coupling tools holder (forest/stones tools and rock tools)
– tools with tungsten carbide “double teeth” interchangeable
– reinforce bearing and high seal bearing brackets A.W.T.*
– consumable and load-bearing parts of the machine made of high resistence steels, Hardox
– rear grid ,with hydraulic control in high resistance steel HARDOX, to ensure a perfect crushing of the stones
– central cardan shaft

Safety protection CE

*A.W.T. ( Agri World Technologies ): study and innovation with advanced CAD system to get always a better productivity and longer life of the machine.


Tools with optimal disposition for a high quality crushing.


– tool with “double teeth” in tungsten carbide interchangeable
– tool “for rock” in tungsten carbide interchangeable


– CHAIN TRANSMISSION: it is a lateral transmission in oil bath with automatic chain tensioner and high quality and resistance chains, which stands out for its lightness and low maintenance, ensuring great performance up to high power.
– GEAR TRANSMISSION (GT): it is a lateral transmission with gear reducer in oil bath with an important width of the gear belt and a module with increased teeth. it stands out for its high reliability and complete absence of maintenance. For machines of depth and high power.
– BELTS TRANSMISSION: it is a lateral transmission with very high resistance and quality belts, light and low maintenance, for machines where the required working depth is not high.


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